Bring Your Home to Life with Plantscapes USA

Interior decorating can be an enjoyable experience. There’s something fun about designing your living space to express your unique style and reflect the comforts of home. As long as you have access to the décor you love, interior design doesn’t have to be stressful. Before you get to work on the interior of your home, one thing you want to do is figure out what kind of image you want for a room. Do you want things to look cozy and homey? Or are you more interested in keeping things sleek and modern? Perhaps you’re more interested in keeping things spacious, while someone else might like to keep a lot of furniture around. One thing that can add comfort and liveliness to any interior space is a well-maintained indoor plant. Whether you have an affinity for minimalism or you go crazy for the lived-in look, Plantscapes USA has just the thing you need to fill your home with vibrant life. Keeping indoor plants is a great way to give your home that feeling of comfort and life. If you’re looking for an interior plant service in Philadelphia, Plantscapes USA ought to be the first number you call!

Keeping an interior plant can be a lot of work. If a plant is poorly taken care of, it can send the opposite message than one you’re looking to send. Wilting, dying plants can give an impression of carelessness – even if you’re as far from careless as it gets. That’s why Plantscapes USA offers interior plant maintenance service to their clients. With this maintenance service, you can rest assured that your plants are being well cared for. The plant maintenance service is staffed by people who know the ins and outs of interior plant life. They know how to spot a potential problem with your plant before it’s too late, they know how to make sure your plants are being repotted whenever necessary, and they’ll keep your plants trimmed, fed, and watered properly so that no matter what, your plants will keep looking healthy and full of life. The plant experts at Plantscapes USA will make sure that keeping indoor plants is more of a treat than a hassle. After all, the difference between having a healthy plant versus having unhealthy plant is vast. When you use Plantscapes USA’s maintenance service, you can enjoy the comfort you carefully brought into your interior design plans. They’ll take care of the work and skill that goes into keeping these plants looking the very best that they can.

If you need to find a way to pull together the design you’ve carefully created in a room of your house, purchasing a plant is a great way to do just that. They bring life and color into a room instantly. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, Plantscapes USA is there to help. They’re the best interior plant service in Philadelphia. To learn a bit more about their expertise and to browse their plant arrangements, visit them online today!

A Guide to Choosing Plants for Offices in Philadelphia

One of the best ways to instantly brighten and liven up your office is to carefully choose indoor plants. In addition to adding color to your office, plants can freshen the air, bringing a boost in mood and productivity to everyone at work. If you’re trying to decide on plants for offices in Philadelphia, this is the guide for you. Keep reading to find out a few steps to take before you buy!

1. Take Good Measurements
The first step to choosing plants for offices in Philadelphia starts before you even go to the plant nursery or greenhouse. Before you can buy plants, you need to know what you can fit in your office. Take a few minutes with a tape measure and get basic measurements for each area you’re interested in putting a plant. Windowsills, floor corners, and desktops all have finite space and it can be difficult to visualize when you’re away picking plants.

2. Think About Needs and Take Notes
When choosing plants for offices in Philadelphia, it’s very important to think about what plant needs you can satisfy. If you don’t have many windows or well-lit areas, you need to make a note of that so you don’t choose plants that need lots of sunlight. Likewise, if your building gets colder than average in the Philadelphia winter, make sure you choose hardier plants that will not wither from changes in temperature. Thinking ahead can not only make picking plants easier but can also make the maintenance of your plants easier.

3. Don’t Forget Décor
If you’re thinking about choosing flowering plants for offices in Philadelphia, make sure that you think about whether they’ll match the rest of the décor in the office. While some offices are lacking in decoration before plants arrive, other offices are designed with specific themes or styles in mind. You wouldn’t want to pick out plants that you love only to discover that they really don’t mesh well with the rest of the office.

4. Have a Maintenance Plan in Advance
Being the one who picks the plants shouldn’t have to mean that you tend them for the rest of their lives. Make sure you have a plan for who will maintain your plants, including watering, trimming, and re-potting them as necessary. Neglected plants can not only become unhealthy (or even wither), but they can also become unattractive or overgrown, crowding into others’ space and taking away from the beauty.

If you find yourself stuck on this last step, don’t panic. Plantscapes USA is conveniently located in Philadelphia and is ready and waiting to help you get your office plants set for a healthy life. With services ranging from interior plantscape design to simple plant upkeep, the Plantscapes USA team is devoted to making your office green, healthy, and beautiful. Reach out to the them today to see how they can help you get the most for your money, and the most out of your plants!

Bring Life to Your Business

Plants and flowers have played an important role in bringing vividness to the world. There have been stories, poems, and songs written to depict each petal, leaf, stem, and spore of plant life. Paintings, sculptures, and photographs depicting the fine details of various plants hang in the world’s most prestigious galleries and museums. This isn’t without reason, of course. Plants are known as symbols of life, beauty, and growth. By keeping plants in your home or office, you can convey an air of health and growth indoors. Indoor plants can add a comfort to your décor that can’t be paralleled. If you’re looking to bring life to your Philly based home or office, Plantscapes USA is here to help.

If you’re looking for indoor office plants in Philadelphia, there is no need to look any further. Choosing interior plants for a business can be tricky. It’s very easy to make the mistake of purchasing an indoor plant that looks great at first, but requires a bit more upkeep than you might expect. This can leave plants looking uncared for. The last thing you want is to buy a plant, only to have it sulk and wilt. When you’re running a business, you’re already busy enough. Plant maintenance shouldn’t have to be another huge concern. While any living thing needs some TLC, that shouldn’t be a forefront concern. With Plantscapes USA, keeping plants doesn’t have to be so much work.

Plantscapes USA offers plant maintenance to ensure that your plants are as healthy and as beautiful as they were when you purchased them. They will send out skilled technicians on a weekly basis to ensure that your plants are receiving the proper amount of water. In addition, they will re-pot your plants whenever necessary. They will prune your plants and check to make sure that pests aren’t hindering the growth and health of your arrangement. They’ll even facilitate plant fertilization to keep them growing at a healthy pace. There’s a lot of care and maintenance that comes with owning plant life. Rather than selling you an arrangement and hoping you’ll be able to handle this much upkeep, Plantscapes USA will provide that service for you. They’ll make sure your plants look healthy and lively. After all, they know that health and natural livelihood is a huge part of the reason why people like to keep plants.

Any business space can be brought to life with well-cared-for plant arrangements. When your plants are properly tended to, they project the feeling of care and attentiveness—two qualities that any business needs in order to flourish. With Plantscapes USA, you can rest assured that your arrangements will be nourished by experts, with practiced hands and knowledge about plant care. If you want to create a welcoming atmosphere, you’ll want to include healthy plants. Turn to Plantscapes USA for the best indoor office plants in Philadelphia. Your business will spring to life with their impressive selection of plant arrangements. To learn more about their interior plantscaping services, visit their website today!

Caring for Your Indoor Plants for Homes in Philadelphia

One of the toughest parts of having an indoor plant is caring for it! It can be remarkably enjoyable to shop for new plants, browsing all the beautiful blooms available at your local nursery or garden supply store; however, when the time comes to care for your plant, the situation can get more complicated quickly if you’re not prepared. To help ensure that you never find yourself with a wilting or unhealthy plant, here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

1. Sunlight Needs
If there is anything plants need, it’s sunlight. Even indoor plants, which can generally thrive with less light, need sunlight of a certain amount. Because plants generate the energy they need to live from sunlight, via the process of photosynthesis, researching the sunlight needs of candidate plants is very important.

Make sure that if you have a home that is in a particularly shady area you pick plants that can thrive with less light. Likewise, if you have a particularly sunny environment make sure you get plants that thrive with lots of light; believe it or not, some plants can actually be hurt by too much light!

2. Watering Needs
For most people, keeping up with the watering of plants is little more than a quick, daily chore. However, if your job has you out of the house frequently (or even travelling frequently), you’ll want to consider choosing different indoor plants for homes in Philadelphia. Most plants in multi-season climates cannot simply be treated with a set-and-forget approach. However, certain plants do require less attention than others.

If you’re unable to tend to your plants daily, consider building an indoor succulent garden. Succulents are often some of the best indoor plants for homes in Philadelphia simply because of how little watering they need. Succulents also tend to flourish without much need for re-potting.

3. Scents and Colors
What many people do not think of when picking out plants for their home is how the scent and color of a plant might affect their living space. Most of the time, plant scents are wonderful and refreshing, but sometimes the scent of potting soil, leaves, and even flowers can become overwhelming, depending on the space. Make sure you consider whether you’ll like to have earthy or flowery scents in the area you’re setting up your indoor garden.

Color is also quite important when considering an indoor garden. Nothing is worse than loving the color of a flower in the shop only to realize, after you pot it, that it simply doesn’t match with the rest of your décor. Do yourself a favor and take the time to make sure your plant will match with your home.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Defer
Sometimes, you need some help making sure your plants are cared for. You’re no less of a gardener for reaching out for some guidance; in fact, gardeners have a long legacy of passing knowledge on to others! If you’re setting up a new indoor garden, contact Plantscapes USA today. Their team is ready and waiting to help you get the most out of your green friends!

Best Plants to Spruce up Your Indoor Office Plants in Philadelphia

Make your workplace green any cozy with desk plants. With countless benefits from plants, from air cleansing to stress reduction, indoor office plants in Philadelphia can be the perfect addition to your desk. Even if you don’t have the corner office with big windows, here are some great office plants for your desk that are low maintenance and thrive in low natural light.

Devils Ivy
This tropical plant is a native to the Solomon Islands and is known to have vines that can grow 20 to 40 feet long. Keep your devil’s ivy plant on a high surface or hanging basket where the long vines can drape over the sides. The devil’s ivy plant cannot be in soggy potting soil, so it is essential to let excess moisture drain from the pot before it is watered again. Note that devil’s ivy is poisonous to cats, so keep it out of their reach.

Jade Plant
Also called the Crassula Ovata, the jade plant is a small succulent that requires minimal watering. The jade plant is also known in Japanese folklore as the “money plant,” and is thought to bring the owner financial success.

Aglaonema, also known as Chinese evergreen, is a plant that is very easy to grow. The plant should be kept at about 15 °C in winter and not more than 24 °C in the summer. The red aglaonema thrives in fresh air and indirect sunlight and should be fertilized several times a year.

Bamboo palm
A traditional Chinese plant, the bamboo plant is thought to be lucky, and that the more bamboo stalks it has, the luckier it is. Bamboo plants require little light and grow incredibly fast. For those who don’t have the office space for a larger, traditional bamboo plant, a Lucky Bamboo plant grows to be much smaller but still looks very similar. Despite being a member of the lily family rather than the bamboo family, the Lucky Bamboo has similar structure stems with lush green leaves. The plant grows best in small dishes of water, in natural, filtered sunlight. The bamboo plant is thought to be a symbol of prosperity and also thought to ward off evil spirits.

Lemon Balm
The lemon balm plant is the perfect plant for adding a subtle aroma of lemon to the surrounding area. This plant can survive in both sun and shade. Another positive attribute of the lemon balm plant is that its lemony aroma has been proven to have mood-boosting abilities, according to a study from Ohio State University. Lemon balm plants thrive best in a slightly moist environment, so be sure to water the plants every day.

From a jade plant to a scented lemon balm plant, finding the perfect plant for a desk can spruce up your office space. With help for indoor office plants in Philadelphia, contact Plantscapes U.S.A. at [email protected] or visit to help with all your indoor plant installation and maintenance needs!

Interior Design Plants to Refresh the Aesthetic of Your Home

When you start to feel that your home, bedroom, or any personal space is becoming drab and dreary, it might mean it’s time to refresh the interior design of your home, bedroom, or office. With merely a pop of color, a new plant, or a funky accented throw rug, new additions to your home or workspace decor can rejuvenate a space and make your cozy home feel brand new.

Plant installation
Plants are known to have multiple health and wellness benefits when integrated into a living or working space. Not only do they act as a natural air cleaner, but they are known to serve as a calming effect, and reduce stress and anxiety. They have also been proven to reduce noise, and contribute to maintaining a healthy level of humidity in the air, which helps protect against airborne pathogens. Plants also add a great natural aesthetic to any room, effortlessly matching naturally with any kind of decor. When searching for the right interior design plants in Philadelphia, contact Plantscapes U.S.A. for all your plant installation needs.

Decorative cushions
Whether you choose funky and loud patterns or soft and neutral fabrics, decorative throw pillows act as a unique decorative ornament for a room. Small details can change the theme of a decor instantaneously, and accessories such as decorative pillows can do just that while also adding a level of comfort and coziness.

Control Clutter
Think simply. One of the best ways to create a calm and refreshing look in a room is to be minimalistic. Finding ways to reduce clutter can make space appear larger, more open, and even brighter. By integrating new pieces into the room, such as pullout drawers into cabinets or walls and furniture with storage, it allows you to keep everything you’ve always had in the room while simultaneously opening up the space and giving it a simplified and refreshed feel.

Switch up the flooring
Like the windows, the floor acts as a point of reference for the perceived size and openness of a room. Whether it’s ripping up that old carpet and installing hardwood floors, or adding an accent throw rug under the coffee table, creating dimension in the appearance of the floor can make the room feel more open, brighter, and spacious.

Visual Art/Paintings
Don’t leave those walls bare! Adding art to a room brings a level of uniqueness, especially when it is an original painting or print. Abstract and modern art allows you to veer outside of a specific color scheme or theme, as it is intended to be eye-catching and outlandish. Not only will new art be ornamental for your decor, but it will add a level of culture and sophistication as well.

Whether you’re putting new art on the walls or looking to control your clutter, the ways to refresh the interior aesthetic and overall environment of your home or office are endless. For help with your interior design plants in Philadelphia contact Plantscapes U.S.A. today!