Brighten up Your Business with Office Plant Services

A planted office is a happy office. We know it seems kind of cheesy, but it’s really true. We’re living in a data-fueled age, and now companies are starting to notice positive trends in workspaces with healthy indoor plants. These data trends suggest that using an office plant service isn’t just excellent for aesthetics, but it can actually improve your bottom line.

How are plants going to help your office? Simply put, when you have a live plant in your line of sight, it reduces stress. Something about having beautiful living things sharing our space makes people comfortable. Maybe it’s because plants trigger our nostalgic connection to nature or its just the fact that the color green tends to make people feel calm and secure. Whatever the reason, the correlation points to a planted office space leading to a more productive workforce.

On top of helping your employees stay in a positive headspace, planted workplaces are healthier than spartan offices. It’s believed plants improve employee health in a couple of ways. The most obvious contribution is that, just like us, our office plants are constantly breathing. Not only do plants exhale oxygen, but they clean the air while they work.

The man-made materials used in office spaces naturally off-gas chemicals. Paint, plastic, and carpets are all going to slowly leech some compounds into the air, and plants will help absorb a share of this instead of your employees. While these airborne chemicals are not deadly, they lead to a difference you don’t notice until you step outside for some “fresh air”.

On top of purifying the air, plants are also going to regulate your office’s ambient humidity. When the office is too dry, plants naturally respirate water into the air. When the air is humid, plants cease to lose water, and can even absorb excess airborne water in extremely humid environments. Dry air makes your employees more susceptible to illness, so having an office plant service can really cut down on productivity lost to illness.

As one of Philadelphia’s top providers of office plant services, Plantscapes USA has been managing the planted offices throughout the greater Philadelphia area. We can help businesses lay out a plant design for their space that will really help add a degree of comfort to your office or storefront.

Once we create the perfect environment or determine the needs of your existing plants, our team of plant care experts will visit two to four times a month to check up on your interior plants. Any unhealthy plants will be replaced free of charge and we will water, feed, and clean the containers of all your indoor office plants.

If you want to make your office space more healthy and vibrant, Plantscapes USA can’t wait to help you find the perfect layout for your business. Let us take care of your plants and give your employees a happier and more productive environment.

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