Find Perfect Pots and Containers for Beautiful Indoor Plant Design with the Experts at Plantscapes USA

Beautiful interior plant design involves more than just selecting an array of lush succulents and plants. You have to find the containers that will keep your plants thriving. This is something you might not have considered when you were creating a collection of plants in your home. Instead, you might have only selected plant pots that complemented your design scheme. Sure, those colorful containers look great in your rooms, but what are they doing for, or to, your plants?

A careful inventory of the environment of your plant pots and containers may reveal soggy, sodden soil and decidedly droopy and sad plants. While you may be following the rules of care for your fiddle leaf fig, ficus, and philodendron, providing them with the proper levels of sunlight, water, and fertilizer, the fact is, if your plants aren’t in the right pots they just won’t thrive.

That’s because just like every plant is different, so too, is every container. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. There are pots made from clay or terra cotta, glazed ceramic, concrete, metal, stone, and resin. Some containers are square, some are cylindrical, while others are rectangular. When you search the selection of your town’s garden center or store, you will find deep or shallow pots and hanging containers or window boxes. If you’re the creative type, you can even make plant pots out of old cans, jars, and more.

With such a diverse selection of plant pots available, you could be wondering just what kind of containers are best for your interior plant design.

Well, the answer is that it really depends on the plant. Some plants like to be pot bound, while others need plenty of airy soil and space to reach their maximum green potential. Though plastic pots are inexpensive and durable, natural materials are often ideal because they are porous and provide the kind of airflow and drainage that plants need – so no more drenched, mildewy soil.

Cacti and succulents love shallow pots because the water drains and evaporates fast, creating the kind of arid soil that is similar to that found in the hot climates that make up their natural habitat, while vines, ivy, and dracaena prefer deep pots that let them grow in a kind of jumbled complexity reminiscent of jungles and tropical forests. Every plant should be in a container with good drainage holes so you don’t overwater them, but heavy plants and tall trees should be in a sturdy clay or cement container so they don’t tip over, and… well, you see what we’re getting at, don’t you?

It’s confusing, and if you don’t want to spend time worrying about it, but instead just want a home filled with the lush greenery of your favorite plants, then Plantscapes USA can help with your interior plant design. We’ll do the work for you. We’ll carefully examine the light sources and humidity levels in your home to determine what kind of plants (and pots) are best for your interiors. So stop trying to figure out what your plants want and let the foliage experts at Plantscapes USA help. We’ll create the perfect interior plant design for your home, so contact us at to set up a free horticulture consultation now.

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