Plantscapes is the Place to Find Interior Design Plants in Philadelphia

So you’ve got a perfectly decorated condo in Center City. You’ve selected the sleekest furnishings, your walls are dotted with art and photographs, and you’ve even added some decorative objects to your tabletops and shelves, but somehow your place doesn’t seem done. It’s beautiful, yes, but a bit cold and impersonal. How do you bring your rooms together to make your space feel like home?

Easy. Just add a collection of lush plants from Plantscapes USA. We are the best interior landscaping company to find interior design plants in Philadelphia.

Ok…ok…we know. You’re not good with plants. You’ve tried. You’ve got bad memories of drooping dracaena and floundering ficus. Even the so-called simple to care for plants turned out to be not so simple. Remember those cactuses? Sigh. But don’t give up! You can fill your home with the most beautiful plants around.


With Plantscapes USA.

We can help, and the best thing is…we offer installation and maintenance services for your plants so you don’t have to.

Plantscapes USA will survey your place, taking note of the light source and air quality to select just the right plants for each room. This consult service is free and totally thorough.

Once we’ve determined just how to brighten your space with plants, we can get started on installation. We have an incredible selection of international ceramics for plant potting that you can choose from that will complement every type of decorating style and color scheme.

After your plants have been installed, Plantscapes USA will revisit weekly for plant maintenance, so you don’t have to wonder and worry about over or under watering. Our trained plant technicians will take care of everything. They will water and fertilize your plants, clean and polish any foliage that has gotten dusty, and monitor to see that the leaves and fronds look bright. What about repotting? Don’t worry. Plantscapes USA will do it, and even if plants aren’t ready for that yet, our technicians will make sure the soil is in the best condition, they will replenish it with fresh moss and bark when needed, and they will make sure the plant containers are in great condition, too.

What we’re trying to say is that we at Plantscapes USA will do everything we can to make sure that you have a home filled with the beauty of plants. With us, your rooms will have that sophisticated, yet cozy feel that you’re after, and your collection of plants will freshen the air and brighten your space. So stop thinking about those failed plants and start thinking about Plantscapes USA. We can create a beautiful and well-maintained array of plants (even dracaena and ficus) that will thrive in your home.

So, how do you get Plantscapes USA to fill your space with beautiful plants?

Contact us today at 610-329-3935 for your free horticulture consultation or visit us at We are the finest resource for interior design plants in Philadelphia and we just can’t wait to fill your place with plants and help you decorate your space with style.

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