Caring for Your Indoor Plants for Homes in Philadelphia

One of the toughest parts of having an indoor plant is caring for it! It can be remarkably enjoyable to shop for new plants, browsing all the beautiful blooms available at your local nursery or garden supply store; however, when the time comes to care for your plant, the situation can get more complicated quickly if you’re not prepared. To help ensure that you never find yourself with a wilting or unhealthy plant, here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

1. Sunlight Needs
If there is anything plants need, it’s sunlight. Even indoor plants, which can generally thrive with less light, need sunlight of a certain amount. Because plants generate the energy they need to live from sunlight, via the process of photosynthesis, researching the sunlight needs of candidate plants is very important.

Make sure that if you have a home that is in a particularly shady area you pick plants that can thrive with less light. Likewise, if you have a particularly sunny environment make sure you get plants that thrive with lots of light; believe it or not, some plants can actually be hurt by too much light!

2. Watering Needs
For most people, keeping up with the watering of plants is little more than a quick, daily chore. However, if your job has you out of the house frequently (or even travelling frequently), you’ll want to consider choosing different indoor plants for homes in Philadelphia. Most plants in multi-season climates cannot simply be treated with a set-and-forget approach. However, certain plants do require less attention than others.

If you’re unable to tend to your plants daily, consider building an indoor succulent garden. Succulents are often some of the best indoor plants for homes in Philadelphia simply because of how little watering they need. Succulents also tend to flourish without much need for re-potting.

3. Scents and Colors
What many people do not think of when picking out plants for their home is how the scent and color of a plant might affect their living space. Most of the time, plant scents are wonderful and refreshing, but sometimes the scent of potting soil, leaves, and even flowers can become overwhelming, depending on the space. Make sure you consider whether you’ll like to have earthy or flowery scents in the area you’re setting up your indoor garden.

Color is also quite important when considering an indoor garden. Nothing is worse than loving the color of a flower in the shop only to realize, after you pot it, that it simply doesn’t match with the rest of your décor. Do yourself a favor and take the time to make sure your plant will match with your home.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Defer
Sometimes, you need some help making sure your plants are cared for. You’re no less of a gardener for reaching out for some guidance; in fact, gardeners have a long legacy of passing knowledge on to others! If you’re setting up a new indoor garden, contact Plantscapes USA today. Their team is ready and waiting to help you get the most out of your green friends!

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